Journal Articles

86. Nusret Celik, Serdar Akay, Furkan Sahin, Gulay Sezer, Esen Dagasan Bulucu, Mahmut Ruzi, Hans‐Jürgen Butt, Mustafa Serdar Onses, Sustainable and Practical Superhydrophobic Surfaces via Mechanochemical Grafting" Advanced Materials Interfaces (2023)  Click Here.

85. Furkan Sahin, Ali Camdal, Gamze Demirel Sahin, Ahmet Ceylan, Mahmut Ruzi, M. Serdar Onses, "Disintegration and Machine Learning Assisted Identification of Bacteria on Antimicrobial and Plasmonic Ag-CuxO Nanostructures" ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2023)  Click Here.

84. Md Mehdi Hasan, Md Sazid Bin Sadeque, Ilgın Albasar, Hilal Pecenek, Fatma Kilic Dokan, M. Serdar Onses, Mustafa Ordu, "Scalable Fabrication of MXene-PVDF Nanocomposite Triboelectric Fibers via Thermal Drawing" Small (2023)  Click Here.

This paper was selected for the back cover of the journal.

83. Nusret Celik, Furkan Sahin, Sultan Suleyman Ozel, Gulay Sezer, Nail Gunaltay, Mahmut Ruzi, M. Serdar Onses, "Self-healing of biocompatible superhydrophobic coatings: The interplay of the size and loading of particles" Langmuir (2023)  Click Here.

82. Menekse Sakir, Neslihan Torun, Nilgun Kayaci, Ilker Torun, Mustafa Kalay, M. Serdar Onses, "Silver Nanoflowers with SERS Activity and Unclonable Morphology" Materials Today Chemistry (2023)  Click Here.

81. Hilal Pecenek, Fatma Kılıç Dokan, M Serdar Onses, Erkan Yılmaz, Ertugrul Sahmetlioglu "High energy density hybrid supercapacitors based on graphitic carbon nitride modified BiFeO3 and biomass-derived activated carbonJournal of Energy Storage (2023)  Click Here.

80. Ekim Elçin Soytürk, S. Nami Kartal, Evren Terzi, M. Serdar Onses, Kadir Şarkdemir, Nusret Çelik, "Evaluation of wood treated with Paraloid B72® and boric acid: thermal behavior, water absorption and mold resistance" European Journal of Wood and Wood Products (2023)  Click Here.

79. lker Torun, Nusret Celik, N Burak Kiremitler, Xian Huang, M. Serdar Onses, "Fully transparent and superhydrophobic electrodes enabled by soft interfaces" Surfaces and Interfaces (2023)  Click Here.

78. Ekim Elçin Soytürk, S. Nami Kartal, M. Serdar Onses, Nusret Çelik, "Preliminary evaluation of polydimethylsiloxane and hydrophobic silica nanoparticles to improve water repellency and boron leachability in wood" European Journal of Wood and Wood Products (2023)  Click Here.

77. Nilgun Kayaci, Resul Ozdemir, Mustafa Kalay, N. Burak Kiremitler, Hakan Usta, M. Serdar Onses, "Organic Light-Emitting Physically Unclonable Functions" Advanced Functional Materials (2022)  Click Here.

76. Abidin Esidir, N Burak Kiremitler, Mustafa Kalay, Alper Basturk, M Serdar Onses, "Unclonable Features via Electrospraying of Bulk Polymers" ACS Applied Polymer Materials (2022)  Click Here.


75. Furkan Sahin, Sami Pekdemir, Menekse Sakir, Zehra Gozutok, Mustafa Serdar Onses, "Transferrable SERS Barcodes" Advanced Materials Interfaces (2022)  Click Here.


This paper was selected for the inside front cover of the journal.